Visual Designer 2 (Contracted by Aquent)
Sept 2019 - June 2020

These are some various snapshots of process & projects over my time at Microsoft.

I was placed in the EPIC Design Division working horizontally across multiple teams. I also developed presentations for the CVP of Design with a senior communications manager.

For most of this work, I was the one pushing concepts through to PMs, stakeholders, and developers on my own. 

The leadership team designated me as “the design studio of one”. I highly enjoyed seeing the creative process through every facet of making a finished product. 


For this video I created the poster assets that you can see in the background. Along with the mock site for Squash & Quinoa recipe. The deadline was within a week and I had plenty of time to go through multiple iterations. Also cool to see work posted on a official channel of Microsoft.


Illustration: Alyssa Huber
Animation: Maxwell Prendergast
After being handed off these illustrations, I was tasked with animating them for website viewing. This was my first time working with passed off assets, the Family team was pretty pleased with them. I also learned a lot about easing + exporting in Lottie.

I also developed presentation assets for Albert Shum, the CVP of design.
He really enjoyed this personal, napkin sketch feel. I was able to quickly sketch out concepts he had in his head and convey them for his presenations. My first week there I was tasked with creating illustrations for his talk in Japan. Pretty wild.

Working with various teams allowed me a look into how expansive Microsoft is. 

Move around the blocks to see more ︎︎︎

Below are some Logos & Branding Assets I developed over the course of my time there. These do not include the process components

I also created various books for the team to document their work and also develop a visually pleasing way of relating potentially dry information. Sadly I cannot share the content but can show my

Tasked with  these large projects, I was able to time manage and make progress on longer term goals, while still handling day to day asks.

If you would like to hear more about my time at Microsoft, please feel free to reach out. I was able to work there pre / post pandemic and that experience will forever stick with me during my creative career.

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