Coinbase Instiutional - aureate wave
Concept, Animation, Sound
Timeline 4 Weeks

aureate wave - Process

Coinbase commissioned me to create a piece for their industry partners as a holiday gift. No direction except for seeing their brand guidelines... I decided to create something that would abstractly capture the way they are turning the tides of financial instiutions.


The majority of the idea was built out in a few days. I took some time wrestling with how it would be sequenced and what stages I could step through to relate it back to the blockchain. Abtractions are iterlaced throughout the piece. I also wrote an original score to accompany it. Never complete without audio.

The minting process for this piece occured on Manifold. Where a custom ERC-1155 contract was created and the works airdropped to the eth addresses of recipients.

Everyone also got an Infinite Objects frame with the piece inside.

Maxwell Prendergast |  47.6163° N, 122.0356° W